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While reading the blog post “3 reasons to start blogging” by olgaa, I thought of all the reasons why I never blogged and maybe never will. An excellent choice for a first post, don’t you think? So here are the reasons why I may never blog, or could/should stop after this post.

High quality references

Like most people these days, I’m reading constantly. A lot of the material I read are of low(er) quality, for example Q&A’s, tutorials, forums. Sometimes I stumble upon a scientific paper, book or a blog that keeps me fascinated throughout the complete document. This fascination doesn’t have to be the result of the content by itself, but a result from the form, structure, colors and emotions the written words evoke. It can be really enthralling to discover how every argument, metaphor and example all fit wonderful together and how the author succeeds in letting me doubt my previous believes and opinions. It doesn’t have to be written text necessarily. There are enchanting storytellers in all sorts of media. THAT is how I want to grasp the attention of my readers and keep them entertained, moved and thrilled with my writings. I look up to those people and want my work to be of a comparable quality as theirs. Which, evidently, is impossible. I know I’m not a gifted writer (yet?). I’m never happy with anything I write: the structure is bad, the sentences are not rich enough, not inspiring, lack of imagination, no funny and accurate metaphors… The only way of honing my skills – or to acquire them in the first place – is to write, let other people read your work and comment on it. But before I have acquired and mastered writing, I will have to let other people read my awful, unworthy, abominations and walk the walk of shame.


To create something and let people judge it, makes everyone feel very¬†vulnerable. People, on the other hand, will have their opinions about the things I wrote . If my writings are bad or good enough, they will let me know why it is bad and why I should be ashamed (and may well be). That is why I probably will not tell my friends that I started, or thought of starting, this blog. Lots of my friends are very critical, which is a good characteristic, but before I’m sure I wrote something worth reading, I will not tell them.¬† Letting only strangers voice their opinions, makes it easier, as their are no direct consequences for my daily life and relationships.

Why bother?

If it is a badly written, uninteresting piece of text, why invest all the time writing it and think about it? No one is going to read it anyway and not a single person is interested in my opinions about topics no one but myself care about! I have nothing really interesting to say, no special skills, or worldviews I can share. I personally like to read about everyday things, experienced by everyday people, on the one condition that this person can tell the story in an interesting way. But even if there are people like me, who like to read those kinds of things, I still can’t write.

Cycling is something I do for myself and often by myself, alone on the narrow Belgian roads. I look at writing the same way and just do it because I like to, but somehow that seems to me like a big waste of time. You don’t just write for yourself, your write for people to read it. If you write something for yourself, it should have a purpose, like make notes, a grocery list, something you should not forget (and then forget).

This post can be the start of something fun and exciting, or a goodbye to my hopes of becoming a good writer. Time will tell.

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  1. Well, I’ve read a couple of your entries and I enjoyed both. I know what you mean, however, in this above entry and it is the very reason I will not blog.

    A suggestion: why not tell us a bit more about your cycling experiences? I think that would be interesting to read. Best regards.

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